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RPR Spare Parts

Errebi has been founded to carry on the tradition of RPR and support the hundreds of customers all around the world running our machineries. For this reason we can satisfy any request regarding spare parts for used RPR Textile Machineries:

- Mechanical parts: gears, feeding and take up shafts, traverse, frame...
- Ceramics: spindle friction discs, all type of yarn guide ceramics…
- Plastics and rubbers;
- Pneumatics and actuators;
- Dowtherm heaters;

Only errebi s.r.l. sells original spare parts for RPR Machineries:

RPR Two for One Twisters:
GC72D – GC72D4 – GC96D – GC96DF (with heater) – GC120N – GC240NB – GC120FF – GC144FF – FC72 – ST120N

RPR Texturing Machines:
3SDX – 3SD12 – 3SD90 – 3SD2000 – 3SDA – 3SD90A - MK2

RPR Covering Machines:
GSP1 family – GSP2 family

RPR Fancy Yarn Machines:
PR1 – PR2 – PR1

Ask for a quotation: send us the part codes and the quantities at