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Dowtherm Heaters

Proper maintenance of Dowtherm Heaters is necessary in order to ensure lowest power consumptions and best process performance.

We offer a complete service and spare parts for RPR dowtherm heaters mounted on your texturing machines or two for one twisters:
- RPR Texturing Machines: 3SDX – 3SD12 – 3SD90 – 3SD2000 – 3SDA – 3SD90A – MK2;
(for both first and second heater)
- RPR Two for One Twisters with heater: GC96DF – GC120FF – GC144FF – FR

A complete area of our factory is dedicated to this service, so that we are able to evaluate the root cause of your problem, repair the heater and test it completely to ensure its performance before re-installation on the machine.

As we are still on the market with twisters equipped with yarn heat setting, we can offer you newly built heaters, tailor-made to fit your needs and with standard RPR sizes:

Texturing Machines
Type Length
number of yarn tracks
first heater
1400 6 - 8
Central heater
straight tracks
1250 12
Central heater
curved tracks

We are available to discuss with you the best fitting solution to renew your textile machinery dowtherm heaters; send an inquiry to